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LP2 3-Axis Mast Lifts

LP2 Pneumatic Personnel Lifts are capable of 3-axis travel.  The lift travels on a guide rail system with the lower rail (2 x 2 tube) anchored to the floor and the upper rail (W6 x 15 beam) mounted to the wall of the booth.  The X-axis travel (left and right movement of the lift) allows the lift to travel back and forth along the length of the booth on a rail system. The Z-axis travel (up and down movement of the platform) provides the ability to elevate the operator platform from a lowered position of 25” above the top of the lower rail to a maximum raised height of up to 22’ allowing for an operator working height of up to 28’ (depending on lift model).  The Y-axis travel (in and out motion of the operator platform) provides the ability to move the operator platform from a retracted position of 3’ (as measured from the booth wall to the front of the operator platform) to a fully extended position of 9’-7” (from the booth wall to the front of the operator platform.) Extended reach feature available that allows platform to extend out 14’ from the booth wall to the front of the operator platform.  The three axes of travel can be operated either independently or at the same time.

The lift is controlled by the operator from a control console located in the front of the platform, this allows the worker to face forward and observe the area as they move the lift.  Along with the motion controls for the lift, the console includes an emergency stop button, emergency descent actuation button and an unoiled air supply connection for tools or equipment.

Properly maintained, LPI’s personnel lifts and work platform will provide many years of trouble free operation increasing both the safety and performance of your workers.


  • Paint Finishing
  • Surface Preparation
  • Washing
  • Sanding
  • Fabrication
  • Fall Protection / Safety
  • Maintenance


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