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Overhead Personnel Lift with Telescoping Mast

With over ten years of field tested applications utilizing LPI's multi-axis overhead personnel lift design, LPI has introduced a new generation of the overhead lift system. 

These overhead lifts run on a set of rails similar to an overhead crane and provide 3-axis of movement to a personnel lift platform.  The personnel platform is located on the end of a telescoping mast that provides the up and down movement (Z-Axis). 

The telescoping mast is attached to an overhead bridge that moves lengthwise along the overhead guide rails (X-Axis) and can be designed to an almost unlimited length of travel. The widthwise or left and right  travel (Y-Axis) is provided by a carriage that travels back and forth on the overhead spanning bridge and can be designed to fit the width of most bays or booths.

Designed for the demanding applications found in blast, wash, paint or fabrication environments, these versatile lifts can be adapted to fit virtually any size booth or bay and product configuration. Hoses and other utilities can be routed through the lift to the operator platform providing greater productivity..



  • Fall Protection / Safety
  • Ergonomic Positioning
  • Washing / Prepping / Sanding
  • Paint Application
  • Grit and Sand Blasting
  • Maintenance

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